Originally from Yorkshire, I am a animator/illustrator, currently based and working in Amsterdam since 2018.

I try my best to be playful and weird with my work, aiming to give an unexpected perspective on an idea. I am constantly redefining my own practice and style by experimenting into unknown disciplines though predominantly centring on Illustration and Motion Design.
t: @joe_faulding
w: joe-faulding.com
@: hey@joe-faulding.com

Full PDF portfolio available on request. Contact for collaborations or enquiries.

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Where I work
Motion Designer
@ Superhero Cheesecake

Member of Puck Collective (London)

Places I have worked
Superunion (London & Amsterdam)
B&W Studio (Leeds)
Peter & Paul (Sheffield)
Jaywing (Leeds)
Fourteen19 (Huddersfield)
Browndog Design (Huddersfield)

Where I studied
University of Huddersfield (2014)
BA (Hons) Graphic Design & Aninmation,
First Class Honours Degree

Clients I worked with
ÖL Nano Brewary
Vox Bar
Fonk Magazine

Places my work has been shown
D&AD New Blood, Truman Brewary - London (2017)
Blood, Sweat & Tears, The Victoria - London (2018)
Demo, Central Station - Amsterdam (2019)
The Rekoning, Jaguar Shoes - London (2020)